Cara Delevingne was also a victim of Weinstein


Cara Delevingne has been the last to jump on the bandwagon, already crowded, of artists who accuse the once almighty Hollywood producer Harvey Weinstein of harassment and discrimination. The model, who has never hidden his condition of lesbian, ensures that Weinstein told him that I would never succeed in Hollywood because of their sexual orientation and he advised him to seek a ‘beard’, that is to say, a male partner of convenience to hide their homosexuality.

Delevingne made to disregard these recommendations -or veiled threats, as he interpreted it – and will always be identified publicly as bisexual. In several interviews pointed out that during adolescence was plunged into doubt about his orientationthat ended when he decided not encorsetarse and open up to maintain romantic relationships with women and with men alike.

The first kiss in public

In recent times, the model has reached stability with the actress Ashley Benson, who she met last year in the shooting of the film ‘Her Smell’, Alex Ross, and from then on is your partner. Both were a few days ago, in the center of media attention when they kissed in public. It was not a heater; they chose to do this a scenario that assured them of maximum impact: the stands of the Arthur Ashe stadium in New York during the National Championship of Tennis, where they exchanged matter-of-factly gestures of affection and complicity. Earlier the cameras had already picked up some other kiss between the two -in August of last year, a paparazzi surprised them kissing at Heathrow airport-but never in open spaces and in the sight of all. The scene did not encourage the strong rumors that the two have been married.

Cara Delevingne is one of the models most media of today and an ‘influencer’ of the first line. It was Model of the Year industry of the british fashion in 2012 -again in 2014 – and that same year he made his debut in the film ‘Anna Karenina’, to follow others as ‘Cities of paper’ or ‘suicide Squad’. In his personal life has dragged issues of anxiety and depression.

Your partner, the californian Ashley Benson, attained popularity for his portrayal of Hanna Marin in the series ‘Pretty Little Liars’ throughout its seven seasons.