Celebrities are protesting for another episode of police brutality racist that ends in death


Multiple celebrities have turned to their social networks to protest against a new episode of police brutality that ended with the death of the african-american George Floyd during the day on Monday, in Minneapolis (Minnesota, USA).

The manifestations of digital actors, musicians and athletes are given after the protests that were sparked by the same incident, in which an effective police had frozen to Floyd for a few minutes with the knee on his neck, with what ended up asfixiándolo.

“I can’t breathe!”were some of the last words that reached to pronounce Floyd before being subdued by the authority and perish, for allegedly having attempted to use a fake banknote of 20 dollars in a supermarket.

The incident was recorded in multiple videos that circulate on social networks and helped to identify the police officers who exerted disproportionate force on Floyd.

The mayor of Minneapolis, Jacob Frey, condemned the event by highlighting that “being african american in the united States should not be a death sentence”.

Since then, celebrities such as the guitarist of Rage Against The Machine Tom Morellothe singer Justin Bieberthe NBA player Lebron Jamesactors Josh Brolin and Mike Colter, among others, have come out to condemn and protest the incident.

Several of them have posted the image of Floyd begging for his life with the famous protest of NFL player Colin Kaepernickagainst the racism suffered african americans in the united States.

Below are some of the publications:


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