Consists tamaulipeco for Ariana Grande, Maluma, and more


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MEXICO CITY, may 26, (Agencies).- The composer Edgar Barrier, who grew up in Ciudad Miguel Alemán, Tamaulipas, has made his lyrics to be heard throughout the planet, in addition to having won a Grammy -, american -, and 14 Latin Grammys.

With only 30 years, the tamaulipeco of heart (as he was born in Texas), has written songs for international artists such as Madonna with “Medellin”, Ariana Grande with “Boyfriend”, Maluma with “11PM”, Christian Nodal “No you were told wrong,” and Jennifer Lopez with “The Ring”.

Who defines himself as a man stubborn, responsible and obsessive with what you love, said to an interview that music is an important part of your life, as it has been present in her since she has memory.

On how he came to write for an artist of much renown, said, “Thalia was the first international artist that I recorded a song. The song is called ‘I Wish’ that’s part of her album Habítame Siempre”.

Barrier, also serves as a music producer and indicated that to get to where she is today has had to overcome various obstacles, especially in a world as competitive as the music industry being one of the things that you have been heavy to live away from his family.

With respect to what it is that makes the difference in his songs, he expressed that he always is, his lyrics are honest, should have melodies that are easy to learn and to tell real stories with simple language. Something that helps to make it a success.