Demi Lovato reveals how to fight for your recovery


Demi has experienced some bad experiences throughout your career, by good fortune and with the support of other people has managed to leave each one of them, however the struggle is a constant that lurksfor this reason, the interpreter of ‘Anyone’ has taken some steps that help you to prevent falling to certain triggers.

For a start, it has ensured to delete your tags on Instagram, so that, although hundreds of people tagged in your posts and comments, she will not be notifiedso you can’t see anything that causes you to stress or any other discomfort.

In addition, avoids paying attention to comments in their social networks, and we know what makes a good justification then to see a multitude of people spreading hatred on the internet.

Finally, the singer has lived through important events during these days, as its presentation in the GRAMMYs and very soon your participation in the Super Bowl. Demi is aware that the pressure in the face of such actions grows within it as the event approaches, so that when all pass you might feel empty and have a relapse. She already have you discussed it with your team so that together they can take precautions, it also seeks to give the best of themselves, but no matter the end results will be not agonizing about it.