“Diosito santo”: Yuliett Towers breaks hearts with a tender video of TikTok


Guadalajara, Jalisco.- The model fitness, Yuliett Towersthrough your account Instagram I shared a cute clip of your content in TikTok, in which you can see from the bath in short dress.

In the video-watch the influencer doubling a voice of nia, which says “I do not break the heart”, something she did with the distribution of the above-mentioned file.

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It is worth pointing out that it due to the running of the bulls has become ms’s constant in social networks, where it is always seen showing off her latest photo sessions, among other things.

By now, your last post has raised $ 321 thousand 139 visualizations, besides, 867 comments, in which you manage to read multiple messages hot.

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Source: Instagram of @yuliett.torres