Disney would be planning a spin-off original of ‘Aladdin’


Although there were doubts in the way, the remake in live-action of ‘Aladdin‘with Will Smith as a Genius he had a huge success among critics and the public.

Thus, it is not surprising that Disney interested to continue with the winning combination and a long time ago that confirmed that they explored the possibilities of a sequel. But that’s not all, new rumors suggest that the studio is also preparing a spin-off with a new story.

Will be in the form of miniseries Disney +, and will have more about the past of the Geniusaccording to We got this covered. The idea without doubt is back to starring Will Smith, after having won the audience with his version of the character.

The project, as well as the sequel film, I’d be in negotiations to be directed again by Guy Ritchie. Although there is still no official confirmation, everything would depend on the agreement that Smith arrives with Disney to continue to board.

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