Does Ariana Grande already have a new boyfriend?


Ariana grande might be in quarantine with her new boyfriend (Photo: Instagram)

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Ariana grande might be in quarantine with her new boyfriend (Photo: Instagram)

After so many failures within their love life, including an engagement and a cancelled wedding Ariana Grande he said that they would not have boyfriend at least for a year. But already spent enough time, and he has been seen with a loving fiancee in the past few months.

The singer is supposedly coming out with a real estate agent called Dalton Gomez and, it is rumored that they are going through quarantine together during the pandemic of covid.19.

TMZ reported recently that Ariana and Dalton have been known for months, but for obvious reasons have decided to keep your relationship in private.

Of course, with the popularity and fame of Arianathis is practically impossible, so the Internet did its magic and now we know several details about the relationship ‘private’ that they maintain.

How did you meet?

According To E! News, Ariana and Dalton are in the same circle. In fact, Dalton used to be a dancer and, thanks to this, have many friends in common. It is unaware of the details, but it seems that they knew each other for a long time.

In addition, Ariana is not the only celebrity that you know, in 2017, Dalton appeared in a history of Instagram of Miley Cyrus.

Who is Dalton Gomez?

Unfortunately Dalton has his account on Instagram private, so we can’t make a research very deep, but we do know that it is a Real estate agent in Los Angeles. Yes, after dancing, is now dedicated to selling multi-million dollar mansions.

According to his biography on the website of the real estate group to which it belongs, Dalton grew up in southern California and has been working as a real estate agent luxury during 5 years. Apparently, it also has many well-known clients, so possibly it was as well that he met Ariana.

How he has been seen with Ariana?

It is not clear exactly when they began dating, but we know they have been dating for at least one Is. In fact, they saw Ari making out with a guy mysterious near Valentine’s day in a restaurant. Yes, that was Dalton.

Are they together now?

According to TMZ, Dalton and Ari have been watching it for months and are currently passing the quarantine togetherwhile flowing the pandemic of covid.19. The fans realised this when the singer climbed up a few stories of Instagram where they were able to identify the tattoo of your boyfriend.

A source of E! also confirmed this, saying that “She has gotten to know him quickly with the quarantine. Have been spending a lot of time at home”. Apparently Dalton has been several days in the house of Ariana and go out for a drive once in a while, but they tend to stay locked up.

Could it be that soon it will be official?


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