Does Selena Gomez shave off? The story behind his photos in the style of Britney Spears


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The quarantine has been the pretext for many people, including famous is to make a change of look radical. I already did Kim Kardashian and it seems that Selena Gomez does not want to miss the opportunity.

However, she was more far away, because not only cut the hair, but that seems to be shaved off completely.

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When it comes to trying new things, Selena proves that is not afraid to do so. In the past several months, we have seen test new trends in your hair, with what has tax trends among their followers.


Days ago, the singer shared a series of photos that shows your mane in the natural: curly, messy and rebellious.

Its publication received countless praise not only of his followers, also some famous, like Danna Paola, which left him a comment telling him, “Beauty” (beauty).

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“I felt the urgency of makeup. My dad noticed and asked me, “why do lights as well?”. Whistled and walked away. So here it is. Using all of the products of Rare Beauty”.

Shortly after, a Twitter user shared a photo which astonished the public of the interpreter of ‘Rare’.

There, the ex-star of Disney appears posing with the head shaved bald. The user mentioned that Selena had shared through their stories on Instagram.

“Selena Gomez shared her new look on their stories of Instagram”.

Quickly, fans of the singer rushed to his account of Instagram to verify your new look, but it turned out to be false.

In reality, someone edited a photo shared by Marissa Marino, the stylist of Gomez, and he tricked the Internet.

“This is the definition of a star”.

After this, began to circulate a picture on social networks that was captured by a paparazzi. In it, she again sees the celebrity with a cut pixie, shorn of the side areas and the back of the neck.

Once more, the followers of Selena noticed that it was also a edited photo where she, originally, was captured with the hair pulled up.


Although everything turned out to be false, thanks to that we could notice that the pop star any style looks great and it would look gorgeous with the hair shaven.

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Even so, we would miss his voluminous and long hair if you decide to raparse.


Would you like to see her with this look?

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