Emilia Clarke goes from dinner with his two ‘lovers’ of ‘Game of Thrones’


‘Game of Thrones’ put an end to his incomparable tour of the small display makes it already a few months, but the impact that he left in the public this production of fantasy HBO was such that, still to day of today, any issue related to it just to grab headlines and rising fanaticism. Especially as the cast is concernedbecause in addition, most of its interpreters, after so many years shooting together for half the world, were forging friendships that once in a while overlook the social networks to the delight of the fans.

And the last example has been the reunion between three of the actors most popular. And it is that, despite the fact that in the imagined world of ‘Game of Thrones’ Mother of Dragons, Daenerys Targaryen, is not always made gala of a conduct friendly and balanced with the others, the actress in charge of interpreting it, Emilia Clarke, always has been phenomenal with his fellow cast. Why he chose to celebrate his birthday being two of them, Jason Moma and Kit Haringtonwith that in addition, your character had two high-profile romances in the series.

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The interpreter hawaiian got into the skin of Khal Drogo, husband and first love of the Khaleesi during season 1 of ‘Game of Thrones’, while Harington was one of the great protagonists of the story from beginning to end, Jon Snowand with that Daenerys also had an affair of final unsuspected. And this weekend, the three actors were having dinner by the 33 anniversary of Clarke, who does not hesitate to share on Instagram a picture of the evening.

In the photograph, the artists pose very affectionate and smilingand what is true is that the look you have Momoa and Harington does not seem to be much in the news that appeared in the series, which has served Clarke for a joke with their ‘manes’ in the accompanying text to the publication: “The meetings were never as hairy”wrote the actress, which also included mode of hashtag the following: “any excuse to make a sandwich with Momoa”in reference to the big hug that professes the actor Harington and her in the instant.

The photo crop is already more than 3 million facebook likes and thousands of comments, among them, the own Momoa: “Happy birthday, love. Excited to have been able to see you”. On the other hand, there were his two ‘loves of fiction’ the only celebrities that Clarke has been codeando these days: in another recent post, the actress appears alongside Camila Hair, with which coincided in the BBC programme ‘The Graham Norton Show’.

The singer, by the way, made it clear in the show that is also a fan strong of ‘Game of Thrones’: appeared with a dragon in miniature in the shoulder (which he gave then to Clarke), and acknowledged that he had seen the eight seasons of the series in only a month. “Thank you for making me feel like Khaleesi again”wrote the british actress next to the image uploaded to Instagram.