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The actress Emilia Clarke, famous for his participation in the successful series ‘Game of Thrones’ could come to wear a suit of superheroine: it would be in the DC universe to play the role of ‘Zatanna’.

The rumor began to echo in the social networks then the information disclosed by the portal ‘We got this covered’. There it says that DC is doing “everything possible” by compete you to you with Marvel, the brand that has monopolized the superheroes in the film after the recent success of the two parts of ‘Avengers: Infinity War’ (more than 2 thousand billion dollars at the box office) and ‘Endgame’ (about 2.8 thousand million us dollars).

With this panorama, DC and Warner Bros. I bet little by little to the film projects with new superheroes or ‘old acquaintances’, as happened recently with ‘quietly ironic’.

According to the website, the purpose of the brand is to create a movie ‘Zatanna’, a superheroine of the DC that has the powers from the magic. For this role would have contacted Emilia Clarke, with the firm intention of ‘ficharla’.

The rumor is ‘warmed up’ immediately when internet users were reminded that, between 2010 and 2011, the actress refused to take part in Iron Man 3, the production of Marvel (she would interpret to Maya Hansen, a role that ultimately went to Rebecca Hall).

Does’fidelity’ early to DC?

Such was the buzz about the possible new interpretation of Clarke that fans of the actress depicted their possible image as Zatanna. The mounts were applauded by the majority of fans.

The lights and shadows of ‘Zatanna’

Who is ‘Zatanna’? She is a magician who, in the comics, he was part of the League of Justice with a greater purpose than to save humanity-to find his father.

Says the portal Vix that ‘Zatanna’ stands out for his rebellious personality and impulsive, but with the possibility important of compassion.

“The magician is a teenager with slender figure, black hair long and shining eyes. Using a white shirt along with a bow black and a blazer of the same color, in addition to a skirt and a top hat,” says the portal. The productions of Clarke have been told with these elements.

Such was the buzz about the possible new interpretation of Clarke that the followers of the actress depicted their possible image as Zatanna


‘Zatanna’ has appeared in cartoons and television series.

This character appeared in various chapters of series like ‘Batman: the animated series’ (1992) or ‘Justice League Unlimited’ (2001).

In ‘Smalville’, a popular series that featured the everyday life of Superman, ‘Zatanna’ appeared only sporadically. It was personified by Serinda Swan.Will it be Emilia Clarke the next superheroine that DC will have ‘up your sleeve’?


Will it be Emilia Clarke the next Zatanna?