ENTERTAINMENT – Lady Gaga presents “Chromatica”, and movies from Studio Ghibli come to HBO


A list curated by The Associated Press of what is coming this week to the TV, the services of streaming and platforms of music.

Lady Gaga: After departing from your sound electro-pop with “Joanne” in 2016 and “A Star is Born”, 2018, Lady Gaga is ready to just dance with their new album, which will come to light on Friday.

“Chromatica” includes the animated simple “Stupid Love” and “Rain on Me” with Ariana Grande. Elton John and band female K-pop Blackpink also participate in the album, which was originally supposed to launch in April but was postponed due to the pandemic of coronavirus.

#OUTLOUD Raising Voices: Originally planned to debut at the festival South by Southwest, you will come to Facebook this week to begin the Month of Gay Pride, that technically starts on Monday. The concert series of 10 episodes will last five weeks and will include performances by Kesha, Greyson Chance, Betty Who, Wrabel, the Aces, Allie X, Candis Cayne, Vincint, and more. Will be transmitted by Facebook on Wednesday and Thursday at 8 p. m. eastern time.

Marathon of Ghibli: HBO Max you will have many films available to you when you debut on Wednesday, but probably most exciting is its library of Studio Ghibli. This is the first time that the classic cartoons of Hayao Miyazaki and Isao Takahata will be available on a platform streaming in the united States, and there are enough films great as to keep the family occupied for weeks. For fans of smaller Miyazaki recommended “My Neighbor Totoro” (My neighbor Totoro”), “Spirited Away” (“The journey of Chihiro”), “Porco Rosso” and “Ponyo” (“Ponyo and the secret of the little mermaid”).

“The Vast of Night”: The Friday night premiere for Prime Video, a feature film that has earned its director Andrew Patterson comparisons with a young Christopher Nolan. “The Vast of Night” takes place one night in the 1950s in New Mexico, and follows two teens who notice a frequency unusual in the radio and seek to investigate it.

The critic of “Rolling Stone” David Fear he said: “he Knows exactly how to use the retro charm of ‘Twilight Zone’ (‘The twilight zone’) without it feeling like a copy nostalgic of the third generation of a spoiled child of the cinema”.

“Uncut Gems”: If you can’t see in the cinema, the highly praised performance of Adam Sandler as a jeweler in trouble in “Uncut Gems”, this thriller of high octanage of the brothers Safdie comes to Netflix on Monday.

“Prideland”: The actor Dyllon Burnside (“Pose”) presents a six-part series that explores the life LGBTQ in the south of the united States and the change of attitude in the region. In the first episode he shares his experience as a “guy queer” who leaves his hometown of Pensacola, Florida, to be what he describes as his authentic self. To return to the region, is encouraged by what it is, but also sees the challenges to be overcome. The series premieres Tuesday on PBS Voices, a new channel focused on documentaries from YouTube. Burnside also presents a special that accompanies the series on the 12th of June in PBS and PBS.org.

Steve Carell, the terrible chief of “The Office”, is back with a new comedy that opens Friday.

In the series of Netflix for 10 episodes “Space Force” interprets to Mark R. Naird, a general decorated whose dream job is to be in charge of the Air Force. Instead it is chosen to head a new military division in charge of bringing back the americans to the moon and dominate space.

Carell leads a cast that also includes John MalkovichLisa Kudrow and Jimmy O. Yang. The series is accompanied by “Inside Joke: Space Force”, a podcast behind the scenes presented by Yang episodes that will be premiering on Mondays and Thursdays.