Everything you always wanted to know about the daughter of Serena Williams, Olympia


The daughter of Serena Williams, Olympia, has become a celebrity in the social networks from which it was born. Williams had always been the measure of tennis. The legend american has beaten all the records possible on the tennis court.

Not only that, she has broken barriers with respect to their racial identity. However, how life has changed for Serena Williams since she became a mother? We explore the same in this article.

When she was born the daughter of Serena William, and what is its impact on the life of Serena? Serena married her current husband, Alexis Ohanian in 2017. In mid-April of 2017, Serena announced that she was pregnant of 22 weeks.

Serena gave birth to her daughter September 1, 2017. Curiously, wiped all over the floor of the hospital so that she could give birth to her baby with total privacy! The couple revealed the good news to the world on September 13, 2017.

They called Alexis Olympia Ohanian Jr in honor of his father. However, Serena prefers to call it Olympia. According to reports, Serena held a celebration of baby shower in Miami in may of 2018. The birth of Olympia has had a tremendous impact in the life of Serena.

Every two days, you can find a video or a funny picture online of Serena having fun with your daughter and her husband. In fact, Serena told Vogue that it is not planned to spend a day apart from her until she turned 18.

Williams admitted that he liked the idea of moving to San Francisco full-time. This would allow you to become a mother, permanently. This, however, would do injustice to their professional ambitions.

She said: “not Yet. Absolutely I want more grand slams “. Not all was cheerful on the maternity of Serena Williams. In the same interview with Vogue, he revealed that he was bedridden for six weeks after the birth of Olympia.

This was after she received an emergency cesarean section. She admitted to Vogue that almost died after giving birth to her daughter. However, it all looks good now for the american star.

Despite the fact that it has not been able to raise your own Grand Slam for a long time, continues to be one of the competitors, more hard of the world. Serena definitely will become one of the best tennis players on the court.