Ex of Kylie Jenner, Travis Scott had an affair with Rihanna


According to reports, Travis Scott he was furious when it was leaked online by the news of his romance secret with Rihanna. Before the rapper came out with Kylie Jenner and give him welcome to her daughter Stormi together, he enjoyed a romance discreet with the singer Rihanna.

The journalist who exposed the online relationship has now claimed that Travis I was furious about it, because they had asked to be kept in secret. Speaking on the podcast Throwing Fits , the host Lawrence Schlossman she told her co-host James Harris and journalist Jonah Weiner what happened when he made public the romance in 2015.

And he says that Travis, 28 years old, was not happy that the world discovered that he was dating Rihanna, 32.

Rihanna and Travis Scott makes musical collaboration

Riri and Travis joined their musical talents in the song “Woo”, 2016/Photo: Entertainment Tonight

Lawrence, former editor of Complex, said: “I gave Him the news about he and Rihanna, who have told me not to do. Apparently, what [el editor de Complex Joe] The Puma, our guy Joe The Puma, he said to me was that damaged the relationship of the Complex with Travis. This was in 2015/16. I wrote this. But apparently, over the next two years, you would complain about that.”

He added: “it is Not because he is like, ‘don’t tell anyone that I’m smashing Rihanna’. It is because Rihanna is like, ‘don’t tell anyone that I’m trashing Travis Scott, please’. [Es] obviously embarrassing as f ** k”.

In the edition of December 2015 / January 2016 of Complex, Lawrence wrote about the conversation of two hours he had had with Travis about “all the controversy, the criticism and the rumors that surround each one of their movements.”

And he said that during the conversation, Travis described Rihanna as his “muse” and called it “inspiring” and “creative”. But speaking of revealing the relationship, Lawrence says that Travis told her not to “I did this, man.”

The relationship of Rihanna and Travis Scott

Rihanna and Travis met in 2013 at the opening ceremony of the parade of Fashion Week in New York. They also worked together, collaborating in 2015, in B *** h Better Have My Money.

Travis and Rihanna were photographed together several times, even in the celebration of the 95 anniversary of Vogue in Paris in 2015, when they were seen with the brother-in-law of Kylie, Kanye West, who is married to her sister, Kim Kardashian.

Kanye West, Rihanna and Travis Scott have a great friendship

Rihanna had already shown to be a great friend of the rappers Kanye West and Travis Scott/Photo: Gala

Travis also appeared in a photo shoot with Rihanna to announce its collaboration Fenty with Puma.

Two years later, Travis has engaged in a romance with the tycoon’s make-up, Kylie. Received her daughter Stormi together in February of 2018, after keeping the entire pregnancy a secret.

While some rumors swirl, Kylie managed to keep her pregnancy out of the spotlight extremely well considering how famous she is.

After announcing the birth of their daughter, shared pictures of your pregnancy in a short film made to himself that posted it on YouTube.

Kylie and Travis broke up in October of last year, but now you are isolating together with Stormi during the pandemic of coronavirus.

The rumors of a return have been circulating for a while, but have insisted that they are just friends and colleagues.

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The nephew of Kylie, Mason, also confirmed the accident that your relationship is not back up during a live video of Instagram. Your account was deleted later by his mother Kourtney.