Generates controversy photo of Millie Bobbie Brown, 14 years old, kissing your boyfriend


The last posting on Instagram of the actress Millie Bobby Brown -protagonist of the series Stranger Things- has generated controversy by appearing in her kissing her boyfriend Jacob Sartorius.

Although thousands of users gave a like to the photograph in which appears the actress 14 years old kissed his boyfriend in front of the sea under the light of the moon, others criticized that his young age would publish this type of images.

Millie Bobby Brown
Millie Bobby Brown
(Photo: Instagram. )

Other critics, including singer Ariana Grande, questioned whether their parents would allow that the actress had this kind of “outs” with her boyfriend.

“To me or even let me leave the house until I was 20,” he said about Ariana.

This is not the first time that the actress is questioned by “behave like adults”, even, in their appearances on red carpet has criticized his “sexualization”.

“Millie is still a little girl, why are you behaving this way?”, “You should enjoy your childhood,” “Their looks are always very appropriate for a girl of her age”, are comments that are read about.

Finally, after so many criticisms, the actress Stranger Things deleted his publication to enter.