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Tekashi 6ix9ine has released his latest song titled “Gooba” after getting out of prison for belonging to a criminal gang, and pedophilia, among other charges. The rapper was released from the risk of coronavirus in prison, and he was granted to finish the remainder of his sentence confined to his house. Nothing more released their new song, 6ix9ine made a direct, attracted more than 2 million users in instagrám.

6ix9ine has become hard and has spit fire against its detractors on his new single. In which flaunts your figure, and a clear apology to what have been their distinctive colors (the rainbow). The song includes a mention of the coronavirus: “They were sick, long before the coronavirus”.

Daniel Hernandez, is the true name of 6ix9nine, has avoided a jail sentence of up to 37 years in prison thanks to his cooperation with the authorities. Cooperated and informed on the activities of his former colleagues of the band Nine Trey Gangsta Bloods: “you’re very sad. Tell me how what I reconfirmed it, asking, came home with a big bag”. In his new video, he teaches their ankle with the sensor of probation as a great victory.

6ix9nine came out of prison four months before the end of their sentence of 2 years, his lawyer got a court order that allowed to meet the rest of the sentence in his house. Because Tekashi 69 suffers from severe asthma, which makes him more vulnerable to the Covid-19.

Tekashi has gone to defend themselves against those who are “jealous” of him to do better than the rest. Their detractors do not forgive him for the case of pedophilia and the most hard he is considered a traitor. But 6ix9ine account with a lot of support from its fan, so much so that his latest song has reached 32.195.775 reproductions in less than 24 hours.

Tekashi 6ix9ine: Gooba on youtube

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