Halsey breaks the ankle by the fault of the dishwasher


This quarantine has been very productive for many artists. By having more relaxing time, without having to follow a tight schedule, going to events or being on the road for promotion or concerts, many singers have been able to spend hours in the creative process that involves composing songs. Now, not all have fared so well. Halsey finished with a broken ankle and all because of the dishwasher.

Halsey has been touring all over the world and one of the last places he visited before the start of the alarm condition to cause the coronavirus was Spain. The singer won the hearts of his followers to bring them pizza hot and sweet as they queue to enter the venue.



There is No doubt that Halsey is an artist involved that gives everything and that is why it is unlikely that it has not suffered any injury on the stage. Its staging and the energy that it gives off in their live shows could have led to this but, luckily, that has never happened.

Now, what no one imagined was that Halsey was to suffer a domestic accident that ended with a broken ankle. And all of this has occurred during the quarantine period, a time in which it is assumed that we have all been quiet at home.

Halsey had just taken part in an interview with radio station Capital FM and it was here that he revealed the absurd way that has ended up with a broken ankle. What is certain is that it is an accident that could happen to anyone so it is good that the artist has been shared by so from now on we go with more care.

It all happened when the singer was loading the dishwasher. “I was loading the dishwasher, and I went down to the door to load the dishwasher, and the kitchen floor was wet, and I tripped with the door of the dishwasher. And then, you know, 2000 live shows, where break for two hours, finally I fractured my ankle in the kitchen of my house. […] It’s quite embarrassing!”, he said.

Halsey is injured ankle

Halsey is injured ankle

The singer has shared on their social networks the image of your foot immobilized to the expected to recover, although he has finished taking off the bandage because he got annoyed: “I took off the brace on the ankle because I was itching and now I need to put it back”.

Fortunately, with the current situation because of the health emergency, Halsey does not have to cancel any public appearance by the fault of this accident. I hope you recover soon!