Halsey dancing next to his brother in the video for his single ‘Clementine’


Halsey has decided to take a new direction in your music video for the new single ‘Clementine’with a number of dance performed by her along with his brother.

The singer, whose real name is Ashley Frangipaneshared the clio-directed by Anton Tammi and Dani Vitale, in which he can see her and Sevian moving coordinated in a choreography created by the same Vital.

The video was launched the evening of 28 September, just in time for the birthday of the artist.

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‘Clementine’ will be part of your next LP “Manic”, which was described by Halsey as a sample of “hip-hop, rock, country, fucked up everything, because it is very manic”.

It is literally, like, whatever, that gave me the urge to do; there was no reason for that not able to do this

This will be the third installment of study of Halsey after his debut “Badlands” in 2015 and “Hopeless Fountain Kingdom” of 2017.

“Manic” will be available in stores and streaming platforms from the January 17, 2020.