Halsey receives threats homophobic


We know that the singer openly supports the LGBTQ+ and we recall some of their performances Without me that they will see you in the choreography with another woman.

This same thing happened to her presentation in The Voice of 2018, which became a controversy for dancing with a girl, although he has spoken before of his bisexuality. The comments homophobic did not wait at that time, and the singer shared the moment all the threats that she received, such as: “what makes this lesbian on my Tv?” According to Halsey, his telephone number, mail and more were leaked on networks and began to receive threats of death and rape, only by having created a choreography artistic and free, and Halsey believes that today there are many young people acting out at home and see this kind of freedom and respect in TV can do that the new generations will not feel so alone and can talk about it.