Halsey speaks of her bipolar disorder, to raise awareness and raise money


May is the month of mental health. This year, we have reached until this month spring dragging many days of confinement. Locked up in the house and not go out to the street and revaluing the rays of the sun.

This is something that has worried many experts, as the situation of global pandemic and the mental exhaustion is dinamitando the moods of many (especially of health professionals and of those who have lost their loved ones by the COVI-19).

More and more celebrities are pronounced before the importance of caring for the health of our mind as Ashley Tisdale or Selena Gomez.

There are also many who speak openly of mental disorders that suffer for normalize these conditions and support those who are fighting against the same thing as, for example, Billie Eilish, Demi Lovato, Lele Pons, Noah Cyrus, Omar Ayuso, Lady Gaga…

Halsey it is another of the artists who battle daily with this type of conditions. The singer was diagnosed with bipolar Disorder when he was in the institute and has even come to be hospitalized for several weeks in a psychiatric hospital.

On the occasion of the month of awareness of mental health, Halsey has spoken of his experiencenext to dr. Snehi Kapur, in the section ‘Artist Spotlight Stories’ of YouTube to raise funds for the ‘Depression and Bipolar Support Alliance’.

The 25-year-old has wanted to explain the why he wrote his latest album ‘Manic’: “I wrote it as a kind of study of all these different emotions and perspectives that I was taking through the process of making the album”, he says. “But what was really important to me was make sure that also out of education”.

According to the ‘Depression and Bipolar Support Alliance, Bipolar Disorder is a mental health condition that’s treatable, which is characterized by extreme changes in mood, the thought, energy and behavior. It would thus, for two different states: one low (depressive) and very high (mania).

The psychologist wanted to highlight that what is important is to seek help because it is a disease with which you can deal and make a functional life once it has entered treatment.

For her part, Halsey warns that mental health is not a destination, that is to say, it’s not going to come a time in which leave suffer your disease, but that it is a way in which you have to perform a constant work.