Halsey + Wallows + Kero Kero Bonito and more


We close September with a new single from the upcoming album of Halseywith an animated video Wallowsand with an EP to the surprise of londoners Kero Kero Bonito. In addition, we will hear a version of punk’s theme Paraguayan of Juana Molinathe new single Battlesand Mark Ronson binds to Yabba to cry a little in the video Don t Leave Me Lonely. Let’s start!

1. Wallows, Treacherous Doctor

If you miss Wallows, do not look for more, you’re right here. The band of Angels has just revealed a new visual for Treacherous Doctorthe last track of their debut album, Nothing Happens. It is a matter of lively and witty that uses cuts of felt and animation stop motion to build the story. Take a look above.

2. Halsey, clementine

To celebrate her birthday, Halsey dropped today, the new single from her upcoming album Manic: it is clementinethat came with its respective video choreographed and co-directed by Dani Vitale. In the clip we see the singer and his brother Sevian dancing inside the viewing gallery of an aquarium, with the fish tank as blue as a backdrop for a routine that’s almost tribal.

3. Kero Kero Bonito Civilisation I EP

Earlier this month, Kero Kero Bonito he hinted at a new project with the simple When the Fires Eat. Today, the trio of pop with headquarters in the United Kingdom comes with an EP of surprise called Civilisation I, written and recorded by the Gus Lobban of KKB. The EP of three tracks follows another launch spontaneous, LP Time n’ Place last fall. Lobban said in a press release how to Civilisation I differs from the approach of that album on “the nostalgia teen, upset ancient and contemporary in the near future discouraging.” Instead, the EP focuses on “the large-scale situation that confronts humanity in 2019 and in the distant future, when human beings have been erased from the face of the Earth.”

4. Burna Boy, Another Story

Fresh of the release his fourth solo album African Giant in July, Burna Boy he returns with the video of the tenth topic of the LP, Another Story, in which also participates M. anifest. The clip begins with a voice-over on the map of Nigeria: “To understand Nigeria, it is necessary to appreciate where it comes from,” says the voice. “In 1900, Britain formally assumed the responsibility for the administration of all that we now know as Nigeria from the Company’s Nigerian.” Burna you pass your verse on a horse, while the after shots show the dark side of the african nation.

5 Mark Ronson + Yebba, Don’t Leave Me Lonely

Mark Ronson and Yebba cry to the dawn in the new video Don t Leave Me Lonely. The single appears on the fifth album of Ronson (quite full of guests), Late Night Feelingslaunched in June. The video begins in darkness, with Yebba and Ronson performing the song with a horizon stage, which becomes more visible as the sun begins to come out. Along with the beautiful backdrop, the arrival of the light of the day also allows Ronson and Yebba face an army of people dressed in black, standing and watching the couple.

6. Battles, To Loop So Nice They Played It Twice

The grouping Battles will return with their fourth album, Juice B Cryptsthe next October 18,. Described as ‘ an overload of sensory information” full of “loops, synthesizer, drum patterns and riffs cyclical”. It is the first LP Battles since the departure of the bassist Dave Konopka earlier this year, and includes Ian Williams and the drummer John Stanier next to the guests Xenia Rubinos, Tune-Yards, Shabazz Palaces and Sal Principato of Liquid Liquid Liquid, which appears in Titanium 2 Step. Before their show in Chile next October 10,today , come with a single double: To Loop So Nice They Played It Twice.

7. Juana Molina, Paraguayan Punk

Argentina Juana Molina recently premiered a new version of his track Paraguayanincluded in the album Halo. Apparently, the version was born during a concert in the Roskilde Festival Denmark: since their instruments never arrived, ended up singing with others, that the organization of the festival offered, so I ended up doing versions of punk in their songs. Above, the clip directed by Dante Zaballa.

8. Foals, The Runner

The british Foals going to release two albums this year: Everything Not Saved Will Be Lost – Part 1, which came out in march; and Everything Not Saved Will Be Lost – Part 2 that will come the 18 of October. Today they shared a video for The Runnerincluded in part 2. Quentin Deronzier he directed the clip film, in which the frontman Yannis Philippakis fight against your doppelganger (played by Vincent Heneine), including a struggle within and outside of beautiful paintings. Look at it above.

9. Gianluca + Javiera Mena, Yin Yang

After releasing the single last Friday, the chilean Gianluca and Javiera Mena returning today with the clip’s official theme Yin Yang, which invites us to see the most brilliant and luminous of life, instead of focusing on the darker side of that duality, although a feed of the other and form part of a balance unbreakable. That is the central message of the single is positioned as one of the best singles of the debut album of Gianluca, that lands the next October 4.

After reading, what do you think?