Her boyfriend, the protagonist of these tweets about Selena Gomez

Social networks are a double-edged sword. Everything you post can stay saved as a nice souvenir or you can turn against you in the distant future. This is not the first time, investigating tweets old of celebrities, we’ve found surprises a little pleasant. What has happened with Max Enrich, the boyfriend of Demi Lovato, has been a story more.

Demi Lovato every day shows more details of her relationship with the musician Max Enrinch. Although at the beginning of the quarantine was all hearsay, the artist appeared from behind in a direct the young man and the suspect is shot. Unable to hide it any more time, now the singer of ‘Sorry not sorry’ share every day photos very tender with her new partner.

With the aim of knowing more in depth to Enrich, some internet users researched their tweets old and discovered a pleasant surprise. For more than 9 years, in 2011, Max tweeted on his account: “All I want for Christmas is Demi Lovato. You can’t always have what you want…” making reference to the iconic christmas song of Mariah Carey.

The tweet was filled with newly of responses congratulating him for having gotten his Christmas wish. A detail very nice that is quickly marred when we find the other most recent tweet. Although this comment is already deleted, we know that in 2018 Max Enrinch wrote: “I’m going to marry Selena Gomez”.

Tweet from the boyfriend of Demi Lovato

A statement very controversial by the division so big that there are on the Internet with the two artists. Although Selena Gomez and Demi Lovato have been friends since always, in the end the two broke off their relationship with accusations quite ugly. Therefore, now they are not on the best of terms. The boyfriend of Demi has deleted the tweet to avoid drama and keep enjoying the quarantine next to the Latin artist and his dog.

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