“I know that our relationship is very fucked up”


Bella Thorne is in a phase of introspection and confession. After offering a few statements talking about his condition of pansexual that have been around the world, the singer and actress has wanted to make peace with your mother and, what better way to do that than by writing a letter? Bella has published a writing in Instagram where he talks bluntly of how the relationship with her mother.

Let’s remember that Bella Thorne and her mother, Tamara, have not had a good relationship in the past few years. The woman had to raise her four children alone, and in economic conditions are pretty difficult, something that took its toll on her daughter.

Bella Thorne came to be known as child prodigy of the factory Disney, and had previously spoken of the time, and his mother in the following way: “When I was younger my mother was engaged to manage my social networks. I always say things like ‘we’re Going to bake some cookies to take a picture and share it’. And I wondered why we could not simply prepare cookies together, without cameras by means. I think that it’s easy to get lost in that world and forget what is real and what is false”.

That’s why Bella Thorne wanted to take a step to produce a rapprochement between her and her mother, and has done so by writing a letter in your own handwriting that you have posted on Instagram along with some old photographs in which they appear both.

“I’m sorry for the words I have spoken, I needed to say them for me not to stay inside… I Know your life has not been perfect, and I am aware that this is part of the reason that the mine nor outside. This life is mysterious, but the unconditional love that I feel toward you it is very easy to understand. Our relationship is very fucked up, but I am glad that we reached this point and that we still have the chance to fix things. I love you, mom,” he wrote in his Instagram.