I Nicki Minaj with and without Photoshop! Photo bomb: “Incredible!”


September 23, 2019
(23:48 CET)

Nicki Minaj has retired from music, but that doesn’t make you get out of the covers. And is that the past has returned to the rapper, who has been viral this week for the amount of photoshop existing in one of his most famous images.

The memorable album cover that the lofty, Anaconda, has proved to be a poster retouched, as there is not much truth in that image that sees the singer with a monkey very spectacular

And that is without photoshop, you go to a Nicki Minaj without the skin as smooth as seen on the cover and the reviews have not been slow in coming, despite the fact that the assembly has unveiled five years later.

Nicki Minaj cellulite

Withdrawn by Cardi B

The past 2018 saw the start of the rivalry between the two female rappers of the moment: the queen Nicki Minaj and a pop-up Cardi B, who shook the foundations of the throne of the ‘Anaconda’. And it also seems that they kill.

During the New York Fashion Week last year had to expel Cardi B on the event by a hard discussion with Nicki Minaj. There began a dispute that has led to the Minaj to retire to leave your family calm.

What withdrawal false?

This week has spoken to Nicki Minaj for ELLE magazine and it seems that has opened the door wide to return. And that it won’t take a week retreat. In fact, he already speaks of a new album.

He says that “it is possibly the record launch with the more excited I am in a long time.” And adds, “I’m happy not to make you wait to my fans for another disk, as I did in the past. This incorporates all the things that people love from Nicki, but it also has a bigger sound”.