“I want to be as versatile as Maluma”


Artists such as Greeicy, Karol G, Natti Natasha and Tini have shown that to be a woman in the music industry today is out of fashion. These names are also part of the list concerning a female who the venezuelan singer Annybell (21) have in your head as inspiration.

From his home in Maracaibo, the youth talked about how he began his curiosity for the scenarios. This appeared of a little girl after participating in an event of beauty child. He studied music and his entire life has been preparing to take this step: to ensure that the people get to know what makes. Recognizes with satisfaction and appreciates the circumstances and, above all, his efforts have allowed their songs are very popular in your country.


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However, the internationalization is his nearest target. Colombia and Ecuador are the first two countries, which has in the crosshairs. Once you open the borders, you intend to go for promotion. Also, he has scheduled collaborations with artists larger that will help your name to expand throughout Latin america.

Jump from one rhythm to another is something that he likes and says do it well, because, although it is now more focused on urban issues and of the trap, he confesses that never comes bad a ballad. So much so, that on his EP Dark Rose you can find sounds slower. “I like the versatility of Maluma, for example, and other singers who have no problem in singing both,” he said.

The plans in your agenda and in the of all have changed, but that wouldn’t have been unmotivated. The artist is firm in the monthly publication of new singles. Believes that now, more than ever, presents the perfect opportunity for the people to consume music and knows talent development.

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For Annybellthis theme is a representation 100% of the power that women have, especially in romantic relationships when they encounter men who tell them what they can do and what not to. The story is a personal experience of that account, came out triumphant. “The video clip we recorded in a visit that I made to Bogotá, Colombia. The trip was not for that, but I loved both the city, the climate, the people, it was my first time there. It was all for the vibe that I felt, one day I got up and I said, ‘I Want to do the video here,’ and we had to improvise with my cell phone. The result was very cool,” he said.