Image of Emilia Clarke as ‘Mere’ demonstrates that the actress is perfect for the role in ‘Aquaman 2’


By the time the movie universe of DC Comics not yet made an official statement on the future of Amber Heard in the production company.

The fans want to know whether the actress will continue to be part of Aquaman 2′after it was made public the contentious relationship that you lived with Johnny Deppand we now know that she was the one who exercised violence against the actor.

Due to the legal dispute that surrounds it, many viewers no longer want to see it on the big screen. It is more, ask Emilia Clarke take the role of Mera.

Even a fan already showed what it would look like the protagonist ofGame of Thrones’ as the princess of the sea, and after seeing her we would love to be part of the tape.

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What is certain is that Amber Heard showed to be perfect to play the role of Mere, in terms of appearance is concerned. However, everything indicates that the actress did not tell the truth about the problems that he had in his marriage with Johnny Depp and has even been accused of fabricating evidence against her ex-husband.

It may be that your DC output is unavoidable, and at least the fans already gave the task of finding a replacement who can fill up magnificently the suit.

The one chosen by the public is Emilia Clarke, who has already proven to be an extraordinary actress, not only giving life to Daenerys in GOT, also in other productions such asHan Solo: a history of Star Wars’ and ‘Terminator: Genesis’.

Another point in its favour is that Clarke has a very good relationship with Jason Momoa, who embodies the superhero. What’s better?