Jaden Smith has a million-dollar fortune accumulated in his 21 years


He owns his own company and has become a great artist.

Jaden Smith it has always been characterized by being a young, controversial and rebellious, but this has not taken away your approach for becoming a successful artist. With just 21 years he is an actor, rapper, producer, fashion designer and entrepreneur consolidated.

From very small began his career playing roles next to his father, Will Smith. One of the most prominent was in the successful film, ‘The Pursuit of Happyness’, which raised a staggering $ 308 million in all over the world.

Jaden Smith is an artist and entrepreneur consolidated

Shortly after the film with his father, Jaden got his big break: in 2010, she played Dre Parker in ‘The Karate Kid’ with Jackie Chan.

These work actor and his performance in music have allowed that to accumulate a fortune of $ 8 million, according to the portal The Things.

Jaden left behind the action, and delivered him to his true passion, music. Their first productions launched it under his independent record label, MSFTSMusic, but then signed with Roc Nations.

In case outside little, the young man has participated in major fashion campaigns as was his recent engagement to Levi’s, in addition to having their own line of urban wear clothing.

It also has its own water company, JUST Water which continues to follow his principles as an activist of the nature.

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