Jaden Smith has the garment more comfortable to 2020 (that is trend) with which you can forget to carry a backpack, fanny pack, or purse


We could say many things about Jaden Smith before you specify who is the son of Will Smith, a titan of the film industry. And that is a triumph: when you are born in the bosom of a family so much popularity, it is easy to end up being simply “the son of”. However, Jaden Smith has achieved fame on its own merits and away from the shadow of his father thanks to his talent as an artist and his character a prescriber for Generation Z. Their style, which navigates between the aesthetics skate and the streetwear and it works as a showcase of the latest trends, it is also the object of study of countless young people who want to be cool to him as much as he (at least at first glance).

For all these reasons, the launch of the video clip for his latest single, Ninetyit has been an event for many. Proof of this are the 2 million views that it has achieved in just 5 days. Between different looks with that Jaden makes an appearance throughout the video, faithful to the urban style to which we refer, is one of them in particular. Why? Because it includes one of the clauses aesthetic more in vogue this spring/summer 2020.

It is a garment as useful and comfortable as a trend on the international stage. We refer to the vest utility. Useful and comfortable because, thanks to its countless pockets, you can carry with you all your belongings and hitting the asphalt in mode ‘hands free’. Trend because it responds to the arrival of our cabinets aesthetic military and workwear, which translates into a utilitarianism present in a lot of catwalks (Craig Green, Fendi, Louis Vuitton and Emporio Armani, to name a few). What’s best of all? Allows infinity of combinations: from the shirt -as in the case of Jaden – shirt and up the raincoat, bermuda shorts and even on a blazer. The time has come to re-stick to the uniform (although have nothing to do with the one that you wore in school).

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