Jennifer Lawrence and Cooke, wedding door


Jennifer Lawrence and Cooke, wedding door

Mexico city, Mexico. – Jennifer Lawrence is going to marry his fiance Cooke Maroney at the end of this month, a source close to the star said to the magazine US Weekly.

The Oscar-winning actress has sparked rumors of her next marriage after being seen last month with Cooke coming out of an office supposedly with her marriage license in hand.

Now, a source told the podcast Hot Week of Us Weekly that the wedding should happen in a matter of weeks, and stated that October is your month chosen.

A second source added that the ceremony should be simple and sophisticated in place of a celebration to be exaggerated.

Jennifer and Cooke committed in February.

In the past, the actress was linked to other famous names such as the famous Darren Aronofsky (2016 – 2017), Chris Martin (2014 – 2015) and Nicholas Hoult (2010 – 2014).