Jennifer Lopez and her daughter Emme dazzle you with these bikinis at a day of pool


The singer adores his daughter and is very proud of her

Jennifer Lopez has a great complicity with her daughter Emme, and is that has become your friend and best companion for all.

In a video posted on an account fan of the singer sees how Jennifer enjoy a day of swimming in one of his trips with his daughter of 12 years old, wearing a beautiful bathing suits.

JLo is wearing a bikini sexy notched and tied at the neck in color vinotinto with the one that looked fabulous, and your daughter looked beautiful with a bikini onesie white and blue stripes with flowers and hair loose.


In this way it becomes clear that the teenager has a great style, clearly inherited from his mother, who is a fashion icon.

“What a beautiful mother and daughter look beautiful”, “I love your bathing suits”, “Emme is a mini JLo, they are just like”, “you look very fashion the two”, “what a beautiful daughter Jennifer with that bathing suit,” and “I love the complicity that exists between them”, were some of the reactions in the networks.

Recently, the actress also expressed his great pride for his daughter because of the book he wrote that goes by the name Lord help me, and will go on sale the 29th of September.

“Very proud of my little coconut ? Emme, as they share their own daily prayers in your first book, LORD HELP ME! This book will offer families a way to embrace the peace and the power of faith everyday,” wrote the singer.

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