Jennifer Lopez is very sad to have postponed their wedding


Like many couples around the world, Jennifer Lopez and Alex Rodriguez have had to postpone their wedding for the time being due to the pandemic. The risk of infection by coronavirus have forced the lovers to meet the guidelines of health and to leave out a lot of plans up in the air. Although the reasons for this have enough importance, the nuisance is inevitable, because the illusion is always the protagonist, the preparations of any link. Jennifer has confessed to being very upset during their participation in the program Today Tuesday, in which he spoke precisely of the decision they had to make. When the presenter Hoda Kotb are interested in if you have already looked at other dates, the artist responded with a “not known”.

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“There are No plans right now. Have to wait to see what happens and it is disappointing in a certain way. After the Super Bowl and World of Dancewhen finished recording, I had planned to take a season free,” explained the artist, referring to his professional commitments. “It’s almost what we are doing now, but at the same time, we had many plans for this summer and this year. Now everything is like on pause.” The artist defined their feelings: “my heart is a little broken because we had wonderful plans”.

Jennifer Lopez and Alex RodriguezVIEW GALLERY

Without losing optimism

Is not allowing, however, that this situation is discouraged because, as he assured we have to have faith that maybe something comes better. “I have to believe that it will be”. His optimistic attitude has led her to celebrate, as I really wanted, the premiere of the new season of the program World of dance, in which the dance enthusiasts demonstrate their skills before a jury of which she is a part.

“We are in a period of waiting, like the rest of the world. So good, we have to wait and see how they resolve all this in a few months”, explained the interpreter On the floor Ellen DeGeneres last April, as he spoke for the first time of the circumstances that passed through. Jennifer and the baseball player Alex Rodriguez committed the 9 of march of 2019 after three years of relationship.

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