Joaquin Reyes Kim Kardashian: “I washed my hair with caustic soda, I was platinum and in addition disinfects”


“I am the greatest influencer of the world and being confined is not a dish of good taste. In the hallway I did a photocall with the kids and with Kanye, I I did the red carpet,” she says.

Is there any truth in the rumors that suggest that their marriage goes south? “I’ve been six years on the side of Kanyebut that is like the age of the dogs, very intense. You’re with the 5 minutes and go through all the phases“, he explains. In addition it is believed Jesus… “It has rebuilt its own River Jordan, is baptizing, peña crazy”.

And for those who do not know the family Kardashian Jenner do a review of all its members… For what a large family, and all their names begin with K!

And what about the decision of her sisters Khloe and Kourtney to not wash the hair during the forty? “They are the only ones that are single… I washed my soda caustic, that’s why I was platinum, in addition disinfects“, he explains.

Psalm, Holy, Star of the North… If we translate the names of the sons of Kim Kardashian we can recite a prayer! How are they chosen?

“In my house there is not a single book burned in San Juan, are miserable, you put things in your head, you do it questions…”, account. But if you are getting the right career! Do you broke a law in Congress? “I locked up to the ugly people”.

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