Joselyn Cano and Jimena Sanchez Who is the best “Kim Kardashian mexican”?


Joselyn Cano and Jimena Sanchez Who is the best “Kim Kardashian mexican”?

Presley Ann / Getty Images

Joselyn Cano and Jimena Sanchez are a couple of beautiful women that have put up to Instagram head-on with his incredible physique. Both of these have been dubbed the “Kim Kardashian mexican” due to its resemblance with the famous socialite. And if you ever thought of Who actually looks more like the Kardashian? Here we will leave some data so that you can compare.

1. Measures

Jimena Sanchez boasts a few measures of 90, 62 cm and has not revealed the detail of its lower part. The driver measures 1.58 cm.

Joselyn, meanwhile, has a few measures of 70, 86 and 61 cm and measures 1.60 cm Who looks more like Kim? The star of reality shows has 97, 67, 110 cm and height measures 1.59 cm.

Joselyn is closer to the height of Kim, on the other hand, without taking into account the missing number, it seems that Sanchez has the most similar so who wins this round.

2. Age

Cano was born on 14 march 1991, currently has 29 years oldfor her part, Jimena is on the 28th of September 1984 so that it now has 36. Kim currently is 39 years old and celebrates his birthday on the 21st of October. Again, it seems that Jimena has a greater similarity with the Kardashian.


Kim is one of the queens of Instagram, the entrepreneur also is an influencer because it has more than 172 million followers. Although neither Joselyn nor Jimena could approach easily to that figure, this time it is the model who looks more like. Joselyn boasts 11.8 million followerswhile Jimena follows very closely with 7.8 million.

4. Physical

Without a doubt, the look of Kim’s is second to none, whether you are blonde, chestnut or platinum, the socialite simply shines wherever it goes. But Who looks more like her?

Fans of Jimena Sánchez agree that his look and the way their lips are identical to those of Kim.

On the other hand the fans of Cano are sure that the curves of the model are more similar to those of the leader of the clan Kardashian-Jenner. Both are without a doubt extremely similar to Kim, however it seems that Jimena has more similarities with the Kardashian.

Finally the two influencers are incredibly beautiful and is one or the other, their respective followers love it.