Just like Robert Downey Jr.! Amber Heard came in the Hollywood blacklist


Things for the co-star of ‘Aquaman’ continue to worsen, as it has been revealed that Amber Heard came in the black list of Hollywood, something that came to pass to the actor Robert Downey Jr. made one years ago.

The negative reputation of the actress in the texan began a few months ago, when it was discovered that the evidence presented of aggression physical that supposedly made him her ex-husband, the actor Johnny Deep were false, leading to the possibility of going to jail for lying in front of a court.

In case outside little, the fans have taken to intervene in the matter and launched a campaign to Warner Bros. the fire of the second part of ‘Aquaman’, where it incarnates to a Mere and apparently is working, because WB is looking seriously this decision.

Now the situation is getting worse for the celebrity because the portal Comic Book News reported that Amber Heard came in the black list of Hollywood, to be an artist already “not insurable” for the productions.

This term means that when a celebrity is involved in a loud scandal, his image could be a negative impact to the distribution and the profits of the movies, so that the studies did not hire this star.

The above was what happened to Robert Downey Jr. when I had problems of addiction, however, after rehabilitation, his career started to rise again mainly due to the role of Tony Stark in the MCU.

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Although in the case of this actor was memorable, the great majority of those who enter the black list can’t recover his career and possibly Heard either one of them, since difamó to one of the most popular artists of Hollywood, in addition to abused the trust of the movement #MeToo.