Kris Jenner alborot with a polmica photo desat the fury of Kourtney Kardashian


In the midst of all the polmica who are generating their outrageous daughters in social networks, Kris Jenner take advantage of a brief break during your hectic corporate world to congratulate the entrepreneur Scott Disick, who was a partner of his eldest daughter Kourtney Kardashian and that you are complying with aos today, although still unknown whether the multi-billion-dollar we will be preparing a surprise when you also consider her a great friend and unconditional.

The publication on Instagram of the ex-wife of Bruce Jenner resalt for being one of the least expected, but also the ms dynamics. And is that the mother of the clan Kardashian aprovech the opportunity to highlight with a collage of nine portraits in which it appears Disick along with their daughter, Penlope, Kourtney and Kris, in different moments of his personal life and public while sharing with the family ms high-profile television american and world. However, the image seems to alter both to his older daughter that has not even appeared in the social network aware of your presence.

Although it may seem that the problems between his older daughter and her ex-husband, are composed of, Kris Jenner resalt as that, for her, Scott Disick has been an amazing father, son, brother, partner and even friend for each one of the members of the family Kardashian Jenner. It was for this reason that not a dud in thank you for for giving so much unconditional love and laughter to each one of the people that has been involved. In the same way, not dud let you know with the same publication how much you admire her sense of adventure and your ability to be the sostn of support when ms need; all in all, what ms asombr was how she herself is called to be a mother to Disick.

At the time of this edition still there had been no of the Kardashian sisters to make gala of holding digital for the birthday in question. But this was not an obstculo to get the same Kris Jenner depending on your image published with a heart of red, a gesture with which pretendi drive the trends in social networks and motivate their followers to congratulate the artist for a new year of life full of successes.