Kylie Jenner assumed ‘abs’ with lingerie in social networks


Kylie Jenner it has continued to be active in social networks, posting photos, and many details of his stay in the new mansion that he bought for $36.5 million dollars.

In his most recent post, Kylie is shown starring in a sensual and impromptu photo shoot where he shows his abs steel framed with a bra, black triangle, belonging to a set of beach ALUX 9SM.

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Also wears a pair of orange high-waist with accents of black, rings, silver and small diamond earrings to match.

The entrepreneur of 22 years presumed to be daring look with a long hair combed in straight strands behind her back and on the shoulders.

Your face looks highlighted by lipstick nude, cheeks pink, lashes mascara in black, and her signature contouring on the nose and jaw.

After its publication, the photo was followed by the 9 million likes.


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The publications of Jenner on Instagram happen in the midst of the controversy that originated from a video leaked where Drake comments sexist about the multi-billion dollar.

In the video, the rapper recites the verse of a song written by him where he refers to Kylie as the “other” and the “lover”, stating that you have 20 women like Jenner waiting for him.

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After that the filtration is made viral, the interpreter of Hotline Blink asked him to apologize publicly, at the same time said that the song was written more than three years ago and that he should have never come to light.

A source close to the celebrities he said to E! News both remain on good terms and that Jenner will not be offended by the lyrics.

“Kylie is not resentful with the singer. I knew that the song was old and are still good friends, just laughed to hear it. Drake and she still kept in contact and all is well between both of you.”

Look at the best photos of Kylie in the gallery.


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