Kylie Jenner unstoppable: expands the borders of his empire cosmetic and imitates Britney Spears with her look

Kylie Jenner is the referent most powerful and influential world of makeup: there is no competitor any who dares challenge it. Valued at more than $1.2 billion dollars, Kylie Cosmetics recently reaffirmed its great international reach and expanded its borders market, thanks to the association of its founder with the multinational cosmetic, Coty.

The media decided to sell more than half of your signature for $600 million dollars, with the goal of boosting your customer base and strengthen the creative team in charge of the communication efforts. After winning the american industry, his ambition for the business determined its next step: to carry their products all over the world.

“I think that was just the time … I mean, we have a great team. But my mother and I will continue leading the group. Nothing is going to change. It was expected that we can expand and get a large infrastructure behind Kylie Cosmetics, to go into all the world and more amazing people in the team to expand the business,” said the mom of Stormi.

However, this was not all. To accompany the big news (and face the boredom in her days of quarantine) the influencer revolutionized the networks with a striking change of look. Inspired by the classic hairstyle of the ‘ 90s that popularized Britney Spearsled a semirecogido with two pigtails, one on each side, and left two thin strands in shades more blonde.

The aesthetic goal is to illuminate the face, making a overall appearance more youthful: just ideal for the beginning of the summer!

He liked it so much, that decided to flaunt their new image through a series of postings on her Instagram, each one with a look different. The most commented on by his sensuality and daring was the last, in which he combined a microbikini black ultraescotada with a jean neon orange.

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