Lady Gaga speaks of a deep and profound way about his mental health


If there is an artist who has never been afraid to talk about your personal life is Lady Gaga. In fact, we can affirm that while many of his followers love their work, their talent in the live shows as her powerful voice, what is true is that the vast majority admire his sincerity and the way in which it has come out of various obstacles to succeed completely. Lady Gaga it has always been open on issues such as bullying and mental health, but it was not until a new interview with Oprah, where he ended up opening the doors of his heart to his fans, in order to remove the taboos that exist around issues such as medication, depression, and traumas from the past.

“I had already shared before with you, and I will do it again, with a lot of vulverabilidad. I could open my book and just read it, but only I will tell you: I was raped numerous times when she was 19 years old and I also developed post-traumatic stress syndrome from this” begins Lady Gaga the issue, to try to explain the source of your physical discomfort, from not treat the emotional pain of this tough stage of your life.

Lady Gaga emphasizes that all the physical problems that began to develop, were born after that never dealt with the emotional issues that arose from this fact in your life, in addition to others such as bullying, a topic which is also discussed in other interviews. “Suddenly I became a star and was traveling the world, going from hotel room to the garage to the limo to the stage, and never faced it. Suddenly I began to experience this incredible intense pain all over my body, which was equal to the pain that I felt after being raped,” said Lady Gaga.