Lady Gaga, Taylor Swift and the best music documentaries Netflix


Those who are already tired of series and movies on Netflix or those who have begun to venture into the world of documentaries in the platform, perhaps with the ‘Last dance’ of Michael Jordan and his Chicago Bulls, you might not know that hidden amongst the lengthy menu is a very varied and interesting musical offerings.

Although there are spectacular concerts like the ‘Springsteen on Broadway’ or the ‘Homecoming’ of Beyoncéthese performances alone does not tell the full story of some of the biggest stars of the music for all time. For that, you need a good documentary, which combines images of old and new with interviews, thus putting the artist in the proper context. Here are our five favorites to watch on Netflix right now.

  'Miss Americana'. (Netflix)
‘Miss Americana’. (Netflix)

‘Miss American’ (2020)

In this revelatory production, Taylor Swift gets into his role as a songwriter and performer while demonstrating how to take advantage of all the power of his voice. ‘Miss American’ shows the more authentic of the artist –who has been named artist of the decade by ‘Billboard’ and has become the person with the most awards Love of history by beating Michael Jackson– in a period of great transformations in your life. In it we can observe how the superstar is going to learn and managing the major changes that happen unexpectedly, not only as a songwriter and singer, but also as a woman.

  'Quincy'. (Netflix)
‘Quincy’. (Netflix)

‘Quincy’ (2018)

A portrait of the icon of the music and the culture Quincy Joneswith access to unpublished your private life and to the stories that make up his unmatched career. And who better on these days than his own daughter, the actress Rashida Jones? Combines a detailed and admirable biography of a musician the winner of the EGOT –the Emmy, Grammy, Oscar and Tony– with scenes more realistic of everyday life in the present, with a health increasingly precarious. What emerges is the intimate portrait of a towering figure.

  'What Happened, Miss Simone?'. (Getty)
‘What Happened, Miss Simone?’. (Getty)

‘What Happened, Miss Simone?’ (2015)

Using excerpts of recordings never heard, unpublished images and his most famous songs, we can enjoy the story of the legendary singer and activist Nina Simone. During the footage, we witness his complicated relationship with the press, the music business and their own friends and family, in part by his mental illness –was suffering from bipolar disorder– and in part because they do not bite, never the tongue to say what she thought.

  'Chasing Trane'. (Netflix)
‘Chasing Trane’. (Netflix)

‘Chasing Trane’ (2016)

The saxophonist John Coltrane he began his career as accompanist to some of the major legends of jazz to develop then, from the late 50’s until his death in 1967, a remarkable musical career as the leader of multiple combos classic. From the melodicismo pop of his first solo albums up to the abstractions of transcendental of his later work, Coltrane continued to pursue obsessively ways of capturing the fragile beauty and spiritual yearning of the human experience. Through interviews and archival footage, this documentary reveals the influence of historical events in their music.

  'Gaga: Five foot two'. (Netflix)
‘Gaga: Five foot two’. (Netflix)

‘Gaga: Five foot two’ (2017)

This documentary follows in the footsteps of the great, thought-provoking pop during the launch of his album ‘Joanne’, the trials of his legendary performance in the Super Bowl, and their battles, physical and emotional. Premiered in 2017, introduces us to Lady Gaga as it is, offering a glimpse into the private life of the singer. A brave journey full of ups and downs that delves into almost all the professional aspects of the artist at the same time, revealing her insecurities, dramas, emotional and health problems.