Look at the evolution of Adele: singer and indie to world star


Look here as the style of Adele has changed through the years, starting with being an independent artist to lead the listed music as a celebrity.

As your music Adele never disappoints us.

When the singer emerged within the music scene for the first time back in 2008, was nothing more than an artist, humble and warm. In one of his first interviews with E! he said, “is quite ridiculous as my career has grown.”

And from that, it has become increasingly more into someone more and more popular.

And no matter what, the star continues to be the same person that was in 2008, only dressed a little different.

In terms of makeup, Adele has remained with his look for excellence with a dramatic cat eye, some voluminous lashes and a strong lip. But in what fashion is concerned, your wardrobe has evolved to a great extent, especially after the various transformations that it has experienced in recent years.

During the early years of his career in the music, the artist frequently used garments with a dark color that would be more conservative. But lately it has embraced more colors and new silhouettes, as was clear in his most recent post on instagram.

To see how it has changed the style of the star during the past few years click on the video.