Maluma showed up in the networks with a new purchase so luxurious that even the fans can believe

Shortly after that Maluma it became the main trend in social networks-after you have left, allegedly with his colleague, Pipe Good ride by the ro in full quarantine, the renowned colombian singer re-collapse of the social networks with a particular image, not only deslumbr by the amount of red hearts that reach harvest in just a few after the publish, but the two cars Ferraris that starred in the zip you gave that talk.

With the sensuality that represents and defined this time through a tiny short of metallic colors the interpreter Erase Cassette, showed up on his official Instagram to show off the luxury which now holds in its exquisite residence in Medelln and that is embodied in two of the cars ms costly to your private parking. Of course, the most faithful admirers begin to comment on the image, among them, the expert Yudy Arias.

However, shortly after a few comments, some fans were able to realize that what you enter in the mouth was a pipe, so after that he asked Belinda in a live video a few weeks back, Maluma confirm again that smoking is one of your major addictions, although there are still those who defend this position and say that it was ms good of a position for the photo in question.

Meanwhile, the ex-boyfriend of Natalia Barulich seems to have fun once ms in quarantine. Just some days back had told, in his own official account of what way you cut the hair to his grandfather, or even revealing them how to have fun with some members of his family, an afternoon of Medelln, all of these eventualities in the face at the premiere of his new single music, ADMV, a song ballad that shows it in the video with the makeup to do it more, which left their ms faithful followers without words and, of course, on all the audio-visual material.