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After a magazine of luxury ensured that Kate Middleton it feels exhausted by the load of work that had been delegated after the departure of Meghan and Harry of the british crown, spokesman for the Kensington palace came to disprove such accusations against the future queen consort.

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An alleged source revealed to the magazine Tatler that the duchess of Cambridge she was consumed by the long hours of work that has been done since the ‘Megxit’, pointing out, moreover, that William’s wife kept a certain resentment towards his brother-in-law and concuña have neglected you in the middle of a health crisis.

The situation between the two marriages would deteriorate after it was said that Kate and William were busy and engrossed with the commitments of the crown and they had to do without for the time spent lovingly to their three children. Since I currently work just as hard as the CEO of any company.

Experts in royalty as Richard Palmer has been given the task to take a step further and to investigate in this actual conflict, discovering the truth behind this so-called meribah.

“The duke and the duchess of Cambridge they are not happy with an article about Kate in the Tatler magazine. A spokesman for Kensington palace said: ‘This story contains a number of inaccuracies and false false statements that were not presented to Kensington Palace before publication'”.

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The Daily Mail has also been given the task of correcting the statements that she has made Tatler, and ensure Kate Middleton and prince William are not exhausted to comply with its duties, on the contrary, they are pleased and proud to be the representatives visible of the british monarchy.

In addition, the portal points out that the position of Kate -apparently head down and obey orders – has more to do with his training and his position as a future queen and not by a distaste towards their activities. So much so, that it is said that Middleton has begun to act and speak as the same queen Elizabeth.

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