Miley Cyrus attacks Liam Hemsworth: “it is Not a good person”


Music The singer arremeti against her ex-husband on Instagram

Miley Cyrus attacks Liam Hemsworth: "It is not a good person".
Miley Cyrus attacks Liam Hemsworth: “it is Not a good person.”

Miley Cyrus I announced last August that dressed an end to his marriage with Liam Hemsworth just a few months after you have given the s I want, as they had married in December of 2018. In the same press release in which it reported the divorce, declared his intention of maintaining a good relationship with his ex and he demanded respect for his private life.

For the desire of Miley Cyrus getting along with her ex-husband has barely lasted two and a half months, that is the time that has needed the old girl Disney desentarrar the war axe and attack with hardness that was his husband. The interpreter of Hannah Montana made a video of live in Instagram in which you stated that Liam Hemsworth is “not a good person.”

In transmission, Miley Cyrus confirm that it maintains a relationship with Cody Simpson, that also is left to see in the direct, and that was full of praise. “l it is the only good person I have left. The rest is crap”, highlighted wi. “Thought he was gay because all the men I parecan bad until you pass Cody. As to girls: I don’t rindis. There are good guys out there, you just have to find them”, prosigui before revealing that they already live together.

Liam Hemsworth also seems to have rebuilt her sentimental life after it ended his relationship with Miley Cyrus, because the actor is australian it was photographed a few das walking with Maddison Brown through the streets of New York.