Millie Bobbie Brown: “I will Not tolerate ‘bullying’ and you neither should you” | People and Celebrity


Millie Bobby Brown takes a few days in the eye of the hurricane without her intending it. Last week the actress, the protagonist of the series of Netflix Stranger Things, decided to leave Twitter for a series of images that used his face and in the read alleged attacks on the gay community. Their 14-year-old actress left her profile, and now can only see your posts are the most personal in your account of Instagramwhere has 16.8 million followers.

Now, it has taken a further step in its fight against those kinds of attitudes of harassment and bad environment in the social networks to which they are subjected to many famous. At the MTV Movie&TV Awards, held in California (USA) on the 16th of June and issued two days later, Brown picked up a winner of one of the awards, one for Best performance in a series.

The young man was not able to attend the awards (I had to rest for a minor injury, she explained same) but gave an acceptance speech that has run like wildfire through your accurate message. Brown wanted to thank the creators and the team of the series and said: “it is no secret that the role of Eleven in Stranger Things it has changed my life in the most amazing ways”.

But then went a step further: “As I know that there are many young people watching this, and probably also adults, you can probably remind you of what you once taught me: if you don’t have anything nice to say, just don’t say it. There should be No gap for the bullying in this world, I am not going to tolerate it, and you neither should you”.

Despite the fact that the video of Brown was recorded, you could hear the audience applauding and jaleando in the theatre. In the room they did not cease their applause, and in fact increased with the end of the message of Brown: “If you need to remind you all what you are worth and let go of the hate, write me a message in Instagram. Thanks and all my love.”

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