Millie Bobbie Brown will not attend the MTV Awards


After the controversy that has arisen from memes homophobic involving Millie Bobby Brown and that forced her to delete her Twitter account, indefinitely, everybody believed that that was the reason why the actress Stranger Things will not attend the MTV Awards.

Luckily, Millie, to calm the rumors and speculation, decided to give an explanation on social networks, and go surprise, since the memes are not the cause of his sudden absence, rather it is by the rest mandatory that the doctors recommended after it broke the ball part of the bone that forms the leg.

In the recording, Mille explains that he had never broken a bone until now, the recovery is advancing, but it is necessary to keep the sabbath if it is to be cured as soon as possible. So, there was no more to wish luck to their other classmates who do attend the MTV Awards.

What is certain, is that the whole world will miss the interpreter of Eleven during the red carpet of the MTV Awards the next 18th of Junesince that has become one of the actresses most expected, and that always amazed with your flawless outfit, hairstyle and make-up, but no way, health is first.