Nick Jonas and Priyanka Chopra remembers his first appointment together


Nick Jonas and Priyanka Chopra took to the social networks to celebrate the anniversary of your first appointment together, revealing some of the details and sharing the happiness that fills them now that they are husband and wife.

The couple met in the year 2017 while attending a party, however, it was until may of 2018 they came out for the first time. The plan for this day was totally casual and fun-filled, first went to see a musical of beauty and The beast, but later continued the evening in the stadium of the los Angeles Dodgers.

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Priyanka be sure to capture that special moment that, without knowing it, it would mark the beginning of the romance that led to the altar. Two years after the Bollywood actress recalled that quote by sharing the photography both in its account of Instagram, and a few sweet words to her now-husband:

Two years ago we took our first photograph together. Since then, every day you’ve brought me endless joy and happiness.

The singer was not far behind and also posted a picture memorial for such an important day, in the picture they both wear hats and show a fun look challenging:

Have been the two best years of my life, and to think that I am lucky enough to spend the rest of my life with her is an amazing blessing.

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Months after this unforgettable exit together the pair became engaged, demonstrating the confidence they had in the good relationship that arose between them.

While both Joe Jonas, who also was recently married, already are waiting for their first child or daughter with the actress Sophie Turner. But none of them has spoken about it, both of you look happy while you show the belly in the growth of the girl.