Nicki Minaj lack credit “Say” explained by Billboard


Billboard finally explained what happened with the credit of Nicki Minaj in the song, Doja Cat, “Say So”.

While Doja Cat becomes embroiled in her first controversy since her career began to take off, their song “Say So”, which recently became a force even greater in the transmission thanks to a remix of Nicki Minaj, has been on the top of the lists. The song became the first single # 1 from both artists just after its launch.

Finally, it fell to the ground, with the remix “Savage” is as big as Megan Thee Stallion with Beyonce finally claiming the # 1 place in the Billboard Hot 100 this week, giving the Texas Hottie her first # 1 in the process. Meanwhile, “Say Say” by Doja Cat slips to # 2 in the same table. With the latest statistics of Billboard debutadas today, Billboard also took the time to explain what happened with the credit of Nicki Minaj on the list, as she appeared next to Doja Cat at the beginning, his name soon disappeared from the table, which generated controversy, especially for the fan Base of Barbz always aggressive. Fans speculated that with the elimination of your credit, she also lost her first single # 1.

Billboard explained today that the removal of the name Nicki is simply due to the fact that it is actually the original version of “Say So” that is driving the majority of their numbers of success and transmission. This does not mean that Nicki lost her # 1; she still has that credit, but now, it is the OG “Say So” taking the cake.

Read the explanation below.

“After two weeks of that Minaj appeared as a featured artist on the ‘Say So’ in the Hot 100 and other lists that use the same methodology, only Doja Cat now appears, the original version without Minaj, now is driving the majority of activity overall of the song; the change does not affect any of the achievements of Minaj on those lists in the last two weeks, and she continues without being credited in the song not in any of the playlists, since the vast majority of the playback of the song still is for the original Version.”