Prohibited forget: Look at how Shakira teaches dance to James Corden

We can not forget that incredible moment in which Shakira taught her some steps to the famous presenter british James Corden on his television program. Now your fans become viral the short video by the way so eloquent in the that showed.

Our lovely colombian since he began his artistic career has managed to surprise all her fans (including the people around them) with their exuberant talent and is that it has so much that we believe has no expiration date.

Songs like “Anthology”, “bike”, “Blackmail” and “Waka waka” are some of the musical themes that have helped them to have the level of fame that it possesses today. And although some of them are classics, we can not forget them never.

Each one of its musical themes that remind us all of the artistic career of Shakiraand from there we can observe the great changes that has had in its style and although many criticize for innovate your image, for millions it has become an artist of great renown.

Today the famous has earned the respect of millions of people around the world, even many of them will ask him to teach you some movements, as was the case of James Corden, who did not resist to dance along to the beautiful artist.

At that time, the famous decided to teach him the steps of his famous theme music “Waka waka”, which remember he sang for a important world of football. In the short video, we can see Shakira explaining the steps of the dance to Jamesand he responds in the most cheerful and attentive.

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