Quarantine and TV: movies and series to watch today, Wednesday, 27 on the small screen


The Good Friend Giant

Warner Channel (DirecTV 206, Movistar 501, VTR-033, Clear, 105)

Hours: 21:00.

A girl of 10 years, with the help of queen Victoria of England and a giant kind, will ruin the purpose of some giant evil, those who want to eat all the children. Directed by Steven Spielger, with Ruby Barnhill, Mark Rylance, Penelope Wilton, Jemaine Clement, Rebecca Hall, Bill Hader, Rafe Shoulder, Adam Godley, Matt Frewer, Ólafur Darri Ólafsson, Haig Sutherland and Michael Adamthwaite.

The Chúcara

TVN (DirecTV 149, Movistar 119, VTR 019, Clear 053)

Hours: 16:15.

Laura (Antonia Santa María), a young woman as cheerful as aggressive, it returns to the field where she was raised, being again with his past, his mother and brother, who work at a farm whose owner (Felipe Braun), who has been left a widower, will have with it an intense relationship of love and hate.

We are a Dish

TV+ (DirecTV 1147, Movistar 117, VTR 017, Clear, 052)

Hours: 17:00.

Entertainment. Chef Alvaro Lois and the journalist José Miguel Furnaro lead this program of conversation, with guests, that develops in the kitchen and a welcoming dining room daily.

Kingsman: The Golden Circle

FX (DirecTV 217, Movistar 607, VTR-050, Clear 127)

Hours: 19:25.

When the general headquarters of the agency british Kingsman is destroyed, the spies joining forces with an organization ally of the us. Your goal is to work together to try to defeat their common enemy and save the world. With Taron Egerton, Colin Firth, Julianne Moore, Mark Strong, Halle Berry, Pedro Pascal, Channing Tatum, Jeff Bridges, Elton John, Bruce Greenwood and Emily Watson.

The Adventures of Peabody and Sherman

Sony (DirecTV 208, Movistar 503, VTR 032, Clear 108)

Time: 20:15.

Mr. Peabody, the dog, the more successful of the world, and his mischievous son Sherman, they are going to use your time machine to embark on the adventure most outrageous ever seen. However, in an unfortunate accident, Sherman shows the machine to his friend, Penny, to impress her and end up creating a hole in the universe, causing chaos in the most important events of the story.

The Trap

Fox Life (DirecTV 212, Movistar 370, VTR 029, Clear 99)

Hours: 21:00.

Following the trail of a valuable piece of art stolen, the insurance agent Gin Baker (Catherine Zeta-Jones) convinces his company to enable it to carry out a coup in collaboration with a prestigious and veteran thief, Robert “Mac” MacDouglas (Sean Connery). But the Mac will submit to a series of hard trainings and tests before relying on it.

A Dad Great

AMC (DirecTV 210, Movistar 608, VTR 058, Clear 113)

Hours: 21:00.

Sonny (Adam Sandler) is a lawyer who has never liked to assume the responsibilities of their adult status. However, as your old classmates are getting married, Sonny realizes that if he does not do something soon, I could stay alone for the rest of your life. After his last girlfriend to abandon him for his immaturity, decides to do something drastic to change your life: adopt Julian, a child of 5 years.

Stories of Quarantine

Mega (DirecTV, 150, Movistar 120, VTR 020, Clear 054)

Hours: 23:00.

Tv series in chile. Pablo Ortega (Francisco Melo) is a clinical psychologist who tries to help online their patients affected by the fear and anxiety generated by the pandemic covid-19, while at the same time must face their own personal conflicts.

Powder Room

TBS (DirecTV 216, Movistar 739, VTR 110, Clear 635)

Hours: 23:00.

Sam’s life is turned upside down in a great night. When you meet with your old friends from college, is forced to reevaluate his life and builds a facade designed to convince herself and her friends that has it all. With Sheridan Smith, Jaime Winstone, Kate Nash and Oona Chaplin.

Love of Family

Chilevisión (DirecTV 151, Movistar 121, VTR-021, of Course 055)

Time: 23:15.

Tv series Turkish. Filiz (Hazal Kaya) was in charge of taking care of her five younger siblings since their mother left since his father Fikri (Reha Özcan) is an alcoholic brings to the family a lot more problems.

So We Are

The Network (DirecTV 148, Movistar 121, VTR-021, of Course 055)

Hours 00:00.

Entertainment. Eva Gomez leads this program of videos bizarre, contingency policy, gift shop, cinema, topics, couple, exciting performances and tips sex.

Let us continue to Long

Channel 13 (DirecTV 148, Movistar 117, VTR 017, Clear, 052)

Hours: 01:30.

Entertainment. Evening program of analysis, conversation, jokes and a variety of guests that bring new visions to the issues of the day that all they’re interested in, with the driving of Sergio Lagos and Maly Jorquiera.