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The 16 times nominated to the Oscar awards, Woody Allenspoke as few times of your marriage with Soon – Yi, his adoptive daughter with Mia Farrow, revealing what happy feels your hand and how lucky he is to have been able to adopt children with her, despite the scandals that have surrounded his life.

The life of the filmmaker, american, 84 years old, has been immersed in a maelstrom of controversies, beginning with the denunciation of his daughter Dylan, who accused him of sexually abusing her when she was seven years old, and although he denied this categorically on several occasions, brought as consequences being a target of scrutiny. In addition to his controversial marriage with his adoptive daughter that put him in a situation embarrassing to the public and some partner of Hollywood.

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For this reason, the writer decided to open up to sharing the details about her life with Soon – Yin and their two adopted children in common with the british newspaper the Mail on Sunday, confessing that in the beginning never imagined that she would be the true love of his life.

“I admit, when our relationship started didn’t make much sense. On the surface we appeared a couple irrational. I was much older and she’s an adopted girl. To the outside world was an explosive situation, it seemed that I was operating as a male predator is much greater, and she gives me blow by I what to know what. But it was never so. In the past I went out with actresses, but for some inexplicable reason, with Soon-Yi worked,” said Allen to the Mail on Sunday.

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And he explained that for him to have found Soon-Yi it was a matter of luck, as none of his past relationships had worked, until he met the daughter of Mia Farrow, who brings 35 years of difference.

“From my point of view most of the relationships don’t work, and that’s why people have adventures. But you can marry, divorce, marry, divorce, or leaving with 56 people and if you’re lucky you’ll find to the right, as is my case. I got out of many of my neuroses, but still don’t like tunnels, closed spaces or elevators,” he added.

Woody Allen she also confessed how happy he is in his marriage and with his two children, Bechet, 22 years old, and Manzie, 20. Finally, the filmmaker said he did not have so many tastes in common with his wife, but always agree on the things that are important.

“I am happy in my marriage. I am happy with my family, but I can never be happy on this planet. We have fallen into a very bad situation. Human existence is precarious, terrifying and senseless. It makes Me go out four or five times a week. Likes the social life and I enjoy it. Makes Me to eat artichokes. She does not like the jazz or the sport, and I do not like many of the programs that you see, but we agree on the main thing: raising children, where to live, how to behave with each other,” said

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