Rihanna, the last part of the ‘Bible of fashion’

“The Fashion book”known as the who’s who of the fashion, is re-released and updated with names like Rihanna, a pioneer in creating a brand together with the group of luxury LMHV; Gosha Rubchinskiy, creative Russian revered by the milénial or the royal family English, converted into an icon, among others.

When speaking about the history of the fashion quickly come across names like Cristobal Balenciagto, the architect of the shapes, Coconut Chanel, creator of a style that “took root with an ideal of male power”, Giorgio Armani, which was commissioned to lay the foundation of “minimalism” or Dior author of “New Look”, according to “The Fashion book”, edited by Phaidon.

In that list of names also displays icons such as Brigitte Bardot who knew how to mix the erotic and child”, Madonna, who dared with the famous fasteners of cones Jean Paul Gaultier, and David Bowiea teacher at the time of making outfits and makeup in line with your music.

Photographers as Helmut Newtonwhich placed the models “between pornography and fashion photography”; Richard Avedon, who introduced the motion and the emotion in the photography of fashion or Mario Testinor the last to do a photo shoot with the Diana, princess of Wales.

Lauren Hutton, Iman, Kate Moss, Claudia Schiffer, Linda Evangelista, Naomi Campbell, and Stella Tennant are some of the models that are part of the universe of the fashion, just like the editor Anna Wintor, or stores like Zaranames that have been selected by the best experts with insider information”, explain from the publisher Phaidon.

But if you ask who is the Russian designer who adore milénial, surely we must lay hold of the new edition of the iconic “The Fashion book” this Thursday comes to the sale with innovative names in the textile business.

Designers, cutting edge and media as Gosha Rubchinskiy, Alessandro Michele o Virgil Ablohalong with the photographers Petra Collins, known for his imagery of dream and Ellen von Unwerth, who combines glamour, sensuality and distinction in the images are some of the new names that have shaped fashion in the last decade.

Not overlooked the business work in the textile industry and cosmetics of the singer Rihannaand converted also into an icon thanks to daring outfits such as the dress of Swarovski crystal that shone in 2014 or the unforgettable gown of yellow silk designer Guo Pei visited her at the Met Gala 2015.

Not far away in this edition of the business experience of Lauren Santo Domingo or the sisters Sozzani: Frank, the pioneer editor-in addressing issues such as body image and race in fashion; and Carla in charge of opening the first store of concept of fashion,”10 Corso como”, where people can meet, buy and see the works of art.

This new edition of the Bible of the fashion brings together over 200 years of fashion history, the entire industry is represented, from designers to photographers, stylists and retailers, as well as editors and creative directors.

Among the latest additions, faces so known as the british royal family, turned fashion icon, always at the forefront of the trends since the queen Victoria to the duchess of Cambridgepassing by the queen Elizabeth II and Diana of Wales, a woman who even today is a source of inspiration for designers.

Marking significant changes in the panorama of fashion, this edition, with more than 500 entries, includes the new yorker Leandra Medineone of the blogger most influential and recognised in the fashion industry, author of @manrepeller -dressing for the same and have fun-.

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